Every company needs corporate principles to guide its employees in their daily work. We have identified the following core points, which we review and complement from time to time:

1. The client always comes first, the rest is easy

It is our mandate to provide you with an optimum solution for the handling of personal data. Our advice is always focussed on the needs of our clients while equally taking into account on-site practicability – what we call “data protection with a sense of proportion”. Our aim is that, owing to our preparatory work and support, our clients will not perceive data protection as a burden but can easily integrate it into their daily operations.

2. The best thing is to do it best!

We are data protection experts. We have a competent team with many years of experience. We offer advice across industries and to companies of all sizes, including DAX 30 companies. We focus on resolving your request quickly and competently in the respective context instead of artificially increasing consulting fees. We constantly improve internal structures and contents to provide you with the optimum service you are entitled to expect.

3. Comprehensive solutions require more than desk work

We put our emphasis on a regular exchange with our clients. This helps us to acquire detailed knowledge of their needs. Many aspects only come to light in discussions or joint evaluations of the specific application on-site. We seek a close working relationship with our clients, involving us directly in the company’s internal decision-making processes. This is the basis for performing at our best.

4. For us, good is not good enough

We set ourselves ambitious goals to keep exceeding our own expectations. The request to find creative solutions for your concerns is an incentive for us, not a burden. The desire to always get to the core of things and dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs is the driving force that moves us.

Bonn, 15 August 2014