In-house training on the General Data Protection Regulation

In-house training on the General Data Protection Regulation

We now offer in-house training on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), tailored to your individual needs and interests. The GDPR brings a large number of changes in data protection law that make extensive adjustments to the data protection organization necessary. In view of the far-reaching changes to data protection law, it is essential for companies to start dealing with the implementation of the new legal situation now. After all, various processes in companies have to be adapted or rebuilt. We have developed an in-house seminar to illustrate these changes.

We show in condensed version:

  • which new regulations the GDPR provides for,
  • what impact the changes will have on the existing legal situation,
  • new admissibility criteria for data processing, in particular the use of data for advertising purposes,
  • new requirements for consent to data processing,
  • the limited group privilege,
  • A wide range of new compliance requirements, including new deletion regulations, transparency and information obligations vis-à-vis data subjects.

The in-house seminar will present the requirements of commissioned data processing, reporting obligations and technical/organizational measures, as well as the possibilities for intervention by the supervisory authorities, who may only refrain from imposing fines in less serious exceptional cases in the event of identified violations, and the new catalog of fines. If needed, the expanded options for using codes of conduct and certifications can be explained.

In addition to outlining the new regulations, the in-house seminar will present a company perspective on the measures to be taken over the next two years to change data protection compliance. In doing so, we present the specific organizational and documentation requirements. We describe the potential impact on business processes as well as ways to implement the new requirements in the company. The approach to internal implementation of the EU GDPR and adaptation of the data protection organization in the company is presented in a practical manner.

The advantage of the in-house seminar on the General Data Protection Regulation is that we can specifically address your interests. Before the seminar takes place, you can let us know your wishes about special focuses, which we will then explain in detail.

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